In the wake of the global diversification of the production sites of car manufacturers and the growing public concern in environmental issues, short sea transportation is increasingly seen as an important mode of transportation within Europe.

“K” Line European Sea Highway Services (KESS) is one of the major short sea carrier operators in Europe, transporting up to 900.000 units a year.
KESS was founded on 1st July 2003 as a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of “K” Line Tokyo, succeeding the operation of E. H. Harms – Car Feeder Service, the former joint-venture since 1991.
More than 20 years of shipping experience has resulted in contracts with all major car manufacturers under high-quality standards being approved by Lloyds’ Register ISO 9001 / 14001. The service network covered by KESS includes the whole of the North Sea and Baltic Sea,
with 10 modern vessels in service, which are also suitable for high and heavy ro-ro cargoes.
The aim of KESS is to develop business in these areas and provide a first-class service to their customers.

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