Quality Management

Quality Management

QESS Policy

Quality, Environment Safety, Security
in order to fulfill the requirements of our customers

1. KESS creates a healthy and a clean company, where all staff can work with an open mind and with a pleasure on jobs.

All of staff is requested to make their utmost cooperation and efforts in order to keep their good health, to create sound financial conditions of the company and to maintain reasonable working environment in the offices.


2. KESS makes quick decisions and action required with keeping “Team Work” based on common information in all staff.

All of staff is requested to know other colleagues jobs mutually, to assist each other friendly and, furthermore, is asked to improve their own abilities by themselves. Senior staff should acquaint oneself with jobs of junior staff in order to give clear instructions with appropriate advice, while junior staff should make necessary reports to senior staff sincerely and honestly.


3. KESS will provide accident-free transportation and cargo damage-free service by strengthening necessary preventive action continuously.

All of staff should be reminded that our mission is to provide safe and high quality transportation services that “K”Line’s have achieved and enjoyed its superior reputations in ocean going car carrier industries all over the world.


4. KESS runs the company in the most cost efficient way in order to improve its competitness in the marketplace.

All of staff should look into not only on vessel and terminal operation costs but also on other administrative costs such as accounting and office maintaining costs. We will continue cost saving efforts in order to let the company be cost competitive in the market and consequently we can bear any hard time.


5. KESS makes great efforts to improve the brand name of “K”Line in Europe with realizing that we are the very sales force.


6. KESS is improving the quality, safety, security and environmental protection standards and services continuously.

All of staff is requested to realize that you are the starting member of KESS and is requested to strive for good relationship, under the name of “K”Line, not only with customers but also with all service providing partners in our transportation service.

To contact with all partners with kindness, sincerity and pride, we can have good and necessary information timely and, therefore, we can go on our business one step ahead of our competitors.

In this regard we will not increase number of staff without due consideration, and, we will no expand our business activities carelessly. But we will steadily grow our business activities with according to improvement of all staff’s abilities.


7. Along with “K”LINES Group’s Environmental Policy, KESS will ensure the following points and try every possible effort to eliminate and minimise any factor impeding solution to environmental issues:

In the field of sea transportation service activities, we will positively challenge safe ship / cargo operations, prevention of marine/air pollution, promotion of saving resources/energy, reduction of wastes and encourage recycling. In this manner, we will contribute to advance expedited environmental preservation.

We will always put EMS (Environmental Management System) in order, continuing with improvements and trying to prevent pollution. We will comply with laws/regulations or any other necessary requirements related to the environment. We will set environmental objectives and targets, which we will supervise and review periodically. We will faithfully implement our environmental policy and let all people concerned be aware of it. We will document the directions and disclose them upon any request from the outside.

Damage Prevention

  • Angle between ship's ramp and berth is always very plain at all ports where cars are handled.
  • Cargo operations via ship's ramp are performed very smooth and there is no risk of damage to any kind of car.
  • Very experienced ship's crew (KESS Crew) is constantly monitoring loading or discharging conditions (ramp's angle, obstacles on the driveways, etc.) If any non-compliance is noticed it will be immediately corrected on the spot.
  • Narrow points, obstacles and amount of pillars on board of our vessels are reduced to a minimum. That makes cars manoeuvring easier and prevents against any possible damage to vehicles during operations.
  • Car decks are very well illuminated and ventilated as well as very clean. Maintenance of cargo spaces is of very high priority for us.
  • KESS crews are monitoring stevedores operations if always performed according to KESS Quality Standard and any failing is corrected immediately.

  • KESS Cargo Superintendents are constantly visiting and monitoring all terminals involved in KESS cargo operations.
  • They are supervising cargo operations/ stevedores performance and keeping very close contact with terminal workers, formen and operators to share experience and discuss points were minor/ major non compliances are noticed.
  • They are also supervising KESS crews performance and cargo decks/vessels/lashing materials condition.
  • Any deficiencies are highlighted in the KESS QUALITY AUDIT REPORTS and necessary countermeasures are discussed on the spot with the relevant parties to avoid any recurrences.

  • KESS is focussing very strong on enviromental protection.
    With regards to environmental aspects all people must work in concert to resolve global environmental issues, related to energy, climate change and management of chemical substances. KESS is following that way and implemented already in year 2005 the Environmental Management System - ISO 14001.
    We have developed and implemented a policy and objectives which take into account legal requirements and informations about significant environmental aspects.

“K” Line European Sea Highway Services GmbH
“K” Line European Sea Highway Services GmbH